Monday, August 09, 2010

Well the fact i couldnt straighten my arm yesterday wasnt related to me being pathetic lol turns out i hurt a tendon there a lil...i was doing what fiona calls a "death grip" when doing a exercise...anyway it has a lil swelling...and when i saw fiona tonite she was like hows the i showed her she was like yeh thats a tendon...we are gonna have to be careful to ensure we dont make it wasnt what we were really after LOL

Today i havent been feeling 100% i feel like i may be coming down with something...heavy head and the back of my mouth stingy a bit earlier. It feels fine now so hopefully tomorrow i will be perfectly fine. Because of that i took it easy at the gym...did a 10 minute warm up and then did a 30 minute boxing PT session. Burnt 400 calories and left it at that..home to a warm bed so hopefully tomorrow i be perfectly fine.

Tomorrow i have weigh in....planning to do some cardio, swiss ball class and see my nurtitionist as i am on 7am starts i wont stay late enough to do body will just be too late for me.

Anyway nothing else to say...enjoy all!

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