Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Over the last few days I have had a lot of comments whether privately or on my journal or FB about people saying they are amazed i stuck to things especially in the beginning when i had so much weight to lose. Its quite easy to stay motivated these days...theres a definite light at the end of the tunnel...definitely my focus has changed....for so long my thinking was "i have so much weight to lose i should be losing in excess of a kilo per week" now i accept that really isnt going to happen lol and i am prolly gonna have lots of small losses...but the changes are now thru my body shape significantly changing...my body fat reducing...measurements...and overall fitness. Another is the way how even tho i am smaller i can burn more calories in less times these days. This is due to two things...one is my fitness level has increased to the point where i am utilising my oxygen better....i know this for one thing i dont pant and carry on when i am exerting myself...i mean i do pant but its not like im gonna collapse its just a healthy person exerting themself kinda pant if u get what i mean LOL. Also my heart rate monitor does a fitness test which measures V02. When i first got my heart rate monitor my V02 (which is to do with ur oxygen) was only in the "fair" range...it started at 25...its now up to 30 and in the moderate range...and so has increased by 20%. The other thing too is after 2 years of weights...and lets face it often very heavy weights...i definitely have muscle...the more muscle the more calories i can burn...so the intensity of running...higher weights in body pump and RPM definitely allow me to burn more calories which is a HUGE YAY. But anyway in the beginning...i think i was so damn focussed after being ill and realising i just HAD to lose weight...i just stuck at it. I am that girl who quits...i usually always quit when something gets too hard. I avoid failure like anything and really hate that others have expectations of me. And this is the one thing i have never quit...and really theres nothing else in my life i havent quit..so at this stage...of course im wrapped that im healthier...im wrapped that my shape is changing but i cant even explain the happiness i feel of the "accomplishment" of what i am doing. Really right now my life is pretty damn perfect...and everytime i think lately about how far ive become and how im becoming a "smaller" person just puts the hugest damn smile on my face...that thing of being "normal" that i wanted for so long is not that far away!

Not a lot else to say...work is busy...life is good :)

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