Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Im still feeling a bit crappy. A bit more of a sore throat and can feel it in my left ear a lil too. Anyway went to the gym last nite i only did about 20 minutes on the treadmill then eve (my nurtitionist) came and got me...jumped on the scales...was down another 500 grams YAY and my body fat had dropped another 0.6% that was HUGE news. For so long my body fat has now is moving down fairly consistently and when eve looked back in the last month it has dropped 4% - go me! She then also pulled out pics taken in may 2008 was really quite funny...cos these pics were a front, back and side view. Eve was like if i showed these to someone they wouldnt even recognise its you...she then was like look your shoulders are squarer...your posture is look is yay yay yay. I then said to eve i think ive accepted my losses are slowing down (altho that said 500 grams was over only 5 days) but thats okay cos i am seeing so many other changes and "proof" i am heading in the right direction. I then went home i just didnt have the energy last nite. Woke up during the throat was stinging ... today it seems better but i am hanging out for 3pm!! I then have 2 days off (im working this weekend) and i am planning on going home and if necessary spending close to 24 hours in bed. I have nothing but the gym on tomorrow and thats not till 4 pm. So i am hoping a nite tonite with a big bowl of my chick pea and beetroot salad...with some orange juice...and a good sleep in tomorrow and hopefully i can knock this on the head.

The other thing is i had my one on one at work today with my boss...and she was all like you seem much happier these days and have such a healthy glow...and then said also when you get sick you get over it within a few days unlike a few years ago where you would be off work for 1-2 weeks YAY :) So yep definitely reaping the benefits at the moment!

Okies lunch break practically over...time to get the rest of this day over and done with...have a good wednesday all!

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