Saturday, August 14, 2010

I feel better today...a lil better physically and a lot better mentally. My voice is quite hoarse went to the docs this morning he was like till you rest your not gonna get over this LOL needless to say he was like ur not working till monday....and if you start coughing up any yucky crap you need to come back tomorrow and see me.

Mentally tho...i think ive just accepted that as i was sick this week i was purely going thru the motions...when my body is trying to heal i really cant expect it to be doing wonderful things weight loss wise. Im over the bed rest tho that said...its driving me friggin nuts actually. I finished watching united states of now watching series 6 of greys anatomy...and i have the first 8 episodes of hot in cleveland plus i have been reading some more of "fat chance" WHICH speaking of that...the author sent me a email! im starstruck!!! I found her journal online and sent her a quick email....and she replied back and said she is going to read my journal from the beginning! AWESOME!!! One of the things im liking about this how she got into running...she does what i one minute running one minute walking etc...but the difference is she is like all over the place just depending on my mood on the day,,,,i really need to get more organised and focussed on that. I dont wanna do like C25K or anything cos i can do 2 minutes walking one minute running for 40 minutes...cutting back to 30 minutes is a waste...BUT i think its time to start doing one minute walking one minute running...with some consistency.

So tomorrow is rest to get over this horrid throat completely...then monday back to the gym and back to work (can you believe im actually eager for this?) time to get moving...and time to not only break that bloody 114 kilos but to get under 113 kilos...okies have a good nite all!


Karen said...

Great to hear that you are feeling better!

Tania said...

You excited to get back to work? Now I know you must be sick ... lol ... I admire the fact that you always seem to have your next exercise goal planned, well done! Hope you feel better soon.