Sunday, August 22, 2010

We finally have a bit of quiet time so i can do another post! I am feeling much much better...just a runny nose which is more then tolerable.

Last nite i had take away...yiros and 200 grams of hot chips...i was 114.7 kilos yesterday morning...expected the sodium levels of the chips to put me at least at 115.3 was very happy that i was 115 kilos this morning...specially as TOm is due this week. Last nite as there was crap on tv due to that bloomin election i ended up going to be early and reading my book "beautiful malice" its a mystery suspense novel...really very very good so far!

I work tomorrow then tuesday and wednesday off YAY!!! Tuesday i am planning to hit the gym and do fionas boxing class *rolls eyes* and a body balance class...then in the evening back in for body pump....and tomorrow nite PT session of boxing with a lil bit of cardio.

Im hoping TOM doesnt affect as bad this month as it did last month...fingers crossed...minimal or no cravings...and limited stomach pains would work great for me ---- so body obey!! LOL

Tonite im gonna marinate some chicken in some low sodium soy with honey....then cook it up with whatever vegies are in the house with some cashews and brown rice...yum yum!! cannot wait!!

Okies off i go to do some work...enjoy your sunday all!

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