Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My computer is back :) Yay yay!! Whilst mostly i didnt miss it...the small things i internet banking...the gyms class timetable etc etc so i am very glad to have the convenience of it back again.

I Have been trying to throw myself back into the gym this week...monday i did a PT session of boxing (and she was relentless!) then yesterday i finally went and did fionas boxing class she teaches. I have these issues...where it takes me so long to get on the ground and up again i didnt think i could do this class (had tried once before...8 months ago) that said fiona thought it was all in my head (LOL)during the class she goes to me (loud enough for everyone to hear) so its not too hard for you is it? lol damn smart ass..then after the class she came up to me and was like sooooo???? im like...that class was different...last time the stations were only 30 seconds those were much longer...shes like the maximum any were were 45 it has to be the class was different not that u may have improved a teeny tiny bit? lmfao...ok so im guessing now boxing classes are doable too!!!! Then i did a lil bit on the treadmill then i went and did a 45 minute balance class...while in this class i looked at my right arm and it was covered in red hundreds of first i thought it was a heat rash (had sweated like a fiend in boxing) and then maybe i was allergic to the gyms carpet...but this rash was weird as its not raised...not itchy...not today i went off to the docs...anyway he thinks with that virus i had a week or two ago it depleted my red blood pallettes and its blood seeping into my tissue. So ended up having a blood test today to check and if it is that to check how bad it is...ill then head back to the docs on sunday (only day i can get back there) to get the results...hopefully if it is that its pretty mild and they will just say rest and blah blah blah!! LOL

Speaking of rest i have a double PT session tomorrow nite...i guess thats NOT resting eh? LOL oh well suck it up!! I left the gym the same time as fiona the other day and she summer when we do a double session we should do them out doors *rolls eyes* i was like...who is that fun for? Her response? "me" uh huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is why i dont do any of the boot not really the get your hands dirty kind of girl! LOL

Im back off the diet coke....i have been craving carbs lately and i know those cravings disappeared when i cut out the diet havent had any since monday nite...hasnt effected me too badly so hopefully will all be good.

I must say im dyingggggggggggggg for so freaking over this wind, rain and cold it aint friggin funny. Whilst at the gym i run around in tshirts and tank tops cant wait to run around in tank tops with the sun on me this year! Have a good nite all time for a hot shower for me!!

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Mechelle said...

Looking good girl! Well done!