Friday, August 20, 2010

This not having a computer at home so far i dont miss it...but its annoying when it comes to things like my internet banking and wanting to recharge my prepaid mobile.

Yesterday i went back to the gym! YAY! I was expecting a gain....but i think it was only 100 grams...BUT i think thats mostly cos i didnt drink much water yesterday...normally i drink 1800mls i only drank maybe 900mls...with that my body fat went up (due to not being hydrated) and it went up by about 3%...completely focusing on my water now! LOL But the good news was i actually was measured and in the last 2 weeks i had lost 5cm (2 cm of my hips!) so even tho i was sick and not exercising like normal...i still kicked a lil bit of ass ;)

And im back into my normal workouts now too...yesterday i walked from my house to the gym (about a hours walk) then did a 45 minute body pump class...saw eve...then did about 45 minutes on the treadmill of just walking and then did a PT session ...half way thru the PT session i was like "im tired" lol fiona was wonder with all u did today! LOL Apparantly when i was in pump fiona and eve watched from the doorway and fiona was yelling out go didnt hear her but afterwards thought OMG how embarressing! lol

Okies off to do some work...enjoy all!

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