Saturday, December 01, 2007

Well itssssssss done ! I went back to ww and yes i had put on (surprise surprise) im not gonna post how much i put on cos this is suppose to be all about a new start and i infact want to forget how much i HAVE lost so i dont think wow how good am i? i dont need to work at this i will keep a tally of the losses from today but thats all (of course those on the ww site will see it in my profile but thats ok) we are halfway thru the day and so far so good...altho the killer of course will be tonight at the work xmas show. Its fancy dress (after much debate im going as punky brewster) and its also a set menu with all the beer wine and softdrink u can gonna attempt to stick to diet coke but we will see what happens of course.

Not much else to really say...will be back tomorrow to let ya all know how tonight goes LOL

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