Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Okies so it all seems to be happening ! lol busy busy! Got a letter from the landlord yesterday they are doing a inspection next thursday so im busy getting the house all super clean and tidy...which is kinda good seeing im back at ww this saturday so a fresh start for everything. Last nite I cleaned up all the kitchen...floors and all...and also went thru the pantry and threw out all bad foods. So i am all quite prepared and so nice the kitchen all spotless, tonight i am gonna get the lounge room all tidy, and dust and vac etc. And i just got ALL my annual leave over xmas confirmed today...the last day i work is december 21 and i dont go back to work till 5 january - 2 weeks off !!! yay. And so i will be spending xmas in streaky and then back for my birthday and then i already have plans for new years eve ! OMG can you believe it? This is the chick who hasnt been out on new years eve for a million years, but my friend ryan from work, him and his partner are having a NYE bash so i will be going to that - wow that practically is like having a real social life LOL.

I have a unit i may be interested in...sent a email to the real estate agent today...theyve emailed back saying they dont know when a open inspection will be but hopefully it will be at a time i can make - cos the best thing is its only $140 a week - which only paying $140 a week would really help to get the tax bill paid off and then to save up for a deposit to buy a place.

Okies not much else going on - back to work for me - enjoy !

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