Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh I feel so much better today! Only bad thing is I am at work! lol but even that seems survivable today lol

Fiona sent me a message last nite to say she has bought my new heart rate monitor!!! weeee!!! super excited...i will get that all on monday. I think i am gonna start making my own bread ... i was watching it on masterchef last nite and thought why not? I wanna make it by hand...and then i will know exactly whats in it (im so convinced that processed foods are bad for our health and prohibits weight loss so anything to cut out processed foods is a goer for me) I also wanna get a pasta maker and start making my own pasta....I got 2 of my books currently reading "The end of overeating" its a nice easy hopefully i get a few bits and pieces out of it. I also got "fat chance" which is about a girls journey with lapband surgery.

Tonite i am off out to dinner with tania and i splurged thursday counting that as my high calorie today...and today i am having thursdays calories which are 1700. I have checked out the menu...planning to have a chicken burger and tell them NO FRIES lol and with that i have 300 calories to spare which will prolly be for a hot chocolate...sounds like a plan to me...have a good day all!!!


Emily said...

I bought a pasta maker once when I saw Jamie Oliver making pasta... He made it look so easy. After I made a complete mess of the kitchen I decided that I would just buy it. LOL. Good luck to you if you do buy one.
I love home made bread - I hope that works out well for you too!!

Hope you had a great dinner!! Sounds yummy (I don't know if I would stong enough to say NO FRIES hehehe)

Natalie said...

Hey Kazz - Sometimes I make my own bread too! Sourdough is really good for you, but watch that commercially produced white flour - get organic stoneground if you can afford it!

Pinky said...

Hey there Kazz - good lucky with the bread and pasta maker - and thanks for the help with the Wendie plan - I lose 2.2 - woo hoo!