Friday, June 18, 2010

Well its been a draining couple of days. Thursday morning i went into that dreaded chat program BIG MISTAKE...the person i mentioned a few days ago was just simply was a mistake to go in there and also to talk to her. Since then my brain keeps going back to a couple of things she said i didnt think much off...and that unfortunately has prolly been a problem for a few months...since ive been back in there whilst ive done "fine" on the weight loss side of things i havent been as focussed and thats something i really need to work on.

By mid morning the inspection had been done and that all went swimmingly...thursday arvo i had PT with fiona...and remember a week or so ago i guessed what the new program would be? lol i was spot on...with the addition of some step ups too...which fiona found quite amusing. So that was a hour long session of core and weights. I then went to the births, deaths and marriages office and changed my surname!!! Which is now done...all I am waiting on now is my birth certificate to be reproduced which takes 3-4 weeks apparantly.

I then went to the be honest it was nice but not fab. Last nite for dinner I splurged...but such is life on with it this week. Most annoying thing is this morning the breakfast i preordered which involved some bread in a basket for me to toast myself and a hot chocolate arrived thirty minutes late and there was no hot water this morning UGH i was hardly impressed...and have sent them a "not happy jan" email this arvo as well as leaving a note in the room.

Thi morning i was back at the gym with very sore legs...did about 20 minutes on the treadmill then 30 minutes of boxing with idea of the calories burnt the last two i have posted my heart rate monitor to mel...fiona was going to try and pick up my new one with luck ill get it monday....if not will be thursday i get it.

I was reading a thing on fernwoods blog today (have messaged fiona to confirm this) but they are 3 cardio sessions per week, 2-3 weight sessions per week and 1 flexibility session...hell thats a lot of sessions!!! I think for me i really need to focus on those cardio sessions. I think the plan for exercise this week will be:

monday - podiatrist appointment then PT core
tuesday - body pump
wednesday - physio
thursday - PT boxing
friday - maybe if i am super energetic the 7am body combat class...but im thinking somehow no lol
saturday - PT weights + body balance

I also got 2 new books today..fat chance which is about a girl who had lapband surgery and the end of overeating...which is kinda self explained lol...and is one that was recommended to me.

Tonite with getting back on track i am having a rosemary and mint lamb chop with roasted cherry tomatos and feta and caramelised onions

Have a good day all.

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