Saturday, June 05, 2010

Mwuahhahahah the princess feels focussed again! I had a lil issue...which i resolved this morning...and i certainly feel a weight of my shoulders.

Yesterday I ate incredibly well..even had some brown rice last nite which I think may have helped me with not picking after dinner. I came a smidgen under 1800 calories so that was all good. Today i have planned dinner and all and i am sitting at 1451 349 calories still to never know a banana and icecream may be on the agenda tonite after din din. I gymed it this morning and thoroughly impressed with me. I started with 10 minutes on the cross trainer...fiona came up and ur doing the xtrainer? I was like no treadmill was free and was only 10 minutes...i definitely got the feeling from her she thinks i should keep up 10 minutes on the treadmill (and must admit it is a high calorie burn) then i did my PT session of weights with fiona...then went and did some window shopping for a hour or so...then went back....did 5 minutes on the treadmill and then did a BODY BALANCE class! YAY me! I survived it wasnt too torturous...there was one wacky exercise i didnt do cos of my foot...and i STILL hate being in a down dog position and having to bring my feet thru my arms...but i was quite impressed with myself...even managed this position (altho nowhere near as gracefully!):

I then left the gym...and as going out got my certificate for doing the foxy challenge :) I was only home for a few hours before my inner thighs have started like to say my arms arent hurting a lil too...but that would be lying! ;)

Anyway right at this moment I am zonked! Time for a laydown with my book I think...hope everyone has a good saturday!


kazz said...

Nor did i manage that yoga position with a wet tshirt on! lol...practically p0rn on my blog lol

Pinky said...

Hey there kazz - glad to read you are feeling back in the zone! - long may it last!

Trish said...

Well said Kazz.