Friday, June 04, 2010

Im doing the very special kazz detox! lol i was looking thru my journal...and last august i went thru something similar to how its been the last few weeks...i cut out all the take out food and went on to lose 5 kilos! lol so whilst at the moment my concern isnt the number on the scales...i am gonna stick to 1800 each day for the next 10 days or so.

Talked to fiona more about my foot last nite...she has a cd with a pile of foot/leg stretches on it she is gonna give me it to print up to take to my physio to see if any of the exercises/stretches she recommends for me and i think fiona will then partly incorporate them. I also told fiona i think im just gonna stay away from the cardio equipment for a while...ill just do my PT sessions...and one body combat, one body pump, one RPM and one body balance class per week. I should hopefully still get my calories up without killing my foot. I told fiona i was concerned im being lazy but she was like no your looking after your over health...mental and your foot...and shes foot is bloody sore again today it seems to be getting worse at the moment...cant wait to see the podiatrist. Which i have a appointment booked on 21st June.

This morning i am trying out my new muesli...its muesli with pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, walnuts. It looks super yummy...cant wait to eat it shortly.

Not much else to say except its fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! PT tomorrow and i SWEAR im gonna do body balance too...enjoy ur friday all :)


Carlton said...

WOW Kaz that is still alot of exercise..

Earlier this year I hurt my lower back through too much exercise and had to dramatically reduce my exercise until it got better. Then increase it again slowly.

I hope your foot gets better sooner rather than later...

GaeChann said...

Good on you Kazz!

After your post the other day, I'm interested in trying out the Wendie Plan so I'm giving it a go this week!

Hopefully we're both happy by the end of the week!

Best wishes - Gae oxoox