Monday, June 07, 2010

I have had a VERY exciting nite! I did body combat! Yessiree i surely did!

It was all very nerve wracking...and when i first entered...everyone was lined up against the i did the same thing...then realised across from me was a floor to ceiling mirror. I sat there looking at myself hating my hips and stomach :( but then the class instructor came in...she was lovely and so nice (ok the fact she is gay helped me! lol) and then i did the class...thank gawd i had done boxing with Fiona for the last 18 months or i woulda really struggled. I did all the low options (only because of my feet) but it did it the end the instructor told me well NORMAL...i felt completely normal...and not like a big nob who should be i was very very excited! And the good news is the 45 minute class burnt 527 calories. I then went off to do my PT session of all together i burnt 962 calories! I now have 3 classes i feel okay to attend...combat, pump and balance...yay for me =]


Jody said...

Great job Kazz!

Hippygal said...

Good for you :-)

Pinky said...

Great job Kazz -