Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Got a letter last nite for a inspection on the 17th. And the irony of it all is i have a pretty busy weekend this weekend...not that the place is big or messy...its just needing a few hours to do some of the things i dont normally do (like windows) so i have had to put in for a shift swap at work... havent heard anything yet...about anyone wanting to swap...so may have to go to my boss and see if they can organise me a emergency annual leave day (oh the drama!)...but as luck has it its a hour later and i got a shift swap...so yay :)

So now as well as getting the house organised i need to get my PT times changed...but this mite work out better. I am really desperate for a clothes dryer so the good thing is i can probably on saturday go buy one and organise delivery for next thursday which would help with drying the bloody clothes!

Tonite i have gym...so will see eve...then do 15 minutes on xtrainer...15 minutes on bike and 30 minutes on the treadmill...i mite even do some running...haha i know fiona would freak out but im convinced running is less on my feet then walking is...plus fionas not at the gym tonite so she will never know! lol Then i will do body pump class...so another night tonite...prolly wont be home till 8pm...luckily im only cooking fish and rice for dinner tonite

Not much else going on...hope everyone is having a good day!

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