Monday, June 07, 2010

So for the last 10 weeks or so i have been seen the nutritionist at the gym. When i have decided to get off my ass and has worked well...i do my own plan...she weighs me and does my body fat each week...and every second week we do measurements. I dont know whether im just a special client lol or what but shes happy for me to do my own thing and just measure...anyway i rang the gym this morning and told them to put me on one slim session per week for 25 fortnites...i would like to think by this time next year i will be at goal or very close to its suck it up and do this for 12 months. I just have to committ to attending each week. So i will go tomorrow nite...i will start to use eves scales as my "official number" they are generally about 600 grams - 1 kilo heavier then mine...but thats ok. So tomorrow we will draw that line in the sand...i know it will be higher then last weigh in with her but thats ok cos im back on track and feel good.

So when i see eve tomorrow nite i will tell her i wanna book a permanant time so that i can still make body pump and maybe see her after that class each week (will help get me into the gym every tuesday nite as well!)

So tomorrow will be my last day of simply sticking to 1800 calories...wednesday i will go back to my wendie plan and also cut back to one diet coke per day.

Not a lot else going on...tonite i surprise surprise have gym...presuming my PT time doesnt change i am planning to do the body combat class (yes really gawd how insane am i?) followed by a PT session of core/balance work

Have a good day all!

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