Monday, June 14, 2010

Work again has asked me when I am planning to take my long service leave. I am not entitled to it till next May but when asked i have told them i will be taking it all together in one block. Its 13 weeks off work and as a few of us are coming up to 10 years service next year they are trying to do some planning. So...i have to come to some kind of decision...sooner i know sooner i can also plan for it. My aim is to go see Jody next the thought is may august - october off and also take 2-3 weeks off in July...that would give me 4 months off. I think thats prolly what I will do...Ill think about it over the next few days then sit down and work out some exact dates.

I am working today...has been relatively quiet...

I finished a really good book the other nite "Believe it, be it" its by Ali Vincent who was the first US biggest loser winner. She was on series 5...and she was amazing,,,she was sent hoem about week 5...when she left the elimination room she said "i will become the biggest loser" she went home determined to have the biggest body fat % loss...when all contestents got invited back to the ranch...she had lost the most of all the females...she has one of the most defined figures now and several years later she hasnt put any weight back on (plus I ahve my suspicions and think she is gay!) there were a few statements in her book that really struck was "im just gonna go for it" and when thinking about the biggest loser title she thought...why not me....thats something i need to get my head around...cos i constantly self doubt myself...constantly think anything where its about achieving and being successful...that cant be for confidence levels is something fiona has worked quite a bit with me .... and she told me recently that we have worked thru a lot of those fears but there is still more work in that area to be done...of course as i grow more confident in the gym and realise more and more the different things i can do...this will improve. Of course having a crappy foot doesnt help cos so many things we go to do we cant cos she has to take my foot into account all the time.

I start a new weights program this week...she has told me she wants to go back to basics (im guessing cos of my foot) she did mention would include leg press...and my guess is also LAT pull down....and if i was a guessing girl i would also say rows and maybe some chest press...lets see how close to the actual program I get LOL

Have a good day all


I Said So... said...

Thanks for sharing. I am a new blogger. Trying to lose 50...thanks for sharing. Your new hair cut looks great.

Hippygal said...

Man that sounds like a wonderful break :-)