Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Hair Do Part 2

So firstly I found my camera ;) so i took some better photos...altho they still dont really catch the hair colour as its lighter and a bit of a more ginger colour then in these pics but here they are

Pinky to answer your question about my high calorie/point average high point day which i do on saturdays GENERALLY looks like this

b - sausage mcmuffin
s - small freddo frog
l - turkish bread with porchetta and swiss cheese
s - banana
d - yiros and 150 grams of chips

Personally cos its on saturday nite...i like to have a dinner i really look forward too but my other meals are a bit different to my normal days too. The other thing is the rest of the week i practically only eat non processed i dont really find i have a big sodium increase over nite (maybe 200-300 grams) and it usually settles down by the next day.

I went shopping friday nite...i bought a GORGEOUS new a empress flash its stunning and some super warm flanelette sheets! OMG i slept so good in it last nite! I then went to katies...and bought 2 pairs of size 22 jeans! OMG i kinda skipped size 24 heheh!! They are slouch style...super comfy and longggggggggggg and being a tall girl thats super important. I also managed to snag a pair of size 16 jeans for $9.95...a light cardigan for $19.95...a orange tshirt style top (just cos i like orange!) and a track suit jacket for $19.95. Then yesterday i went to best n less and bought a ton of size 22 nickers...super cute ones...i cant remember ever having such cute nickers! lol (Theres even one pair that says princess on them! And they are all cotten "boy style" ones lol) I also bought 3 other tops yesterday. Then of course i went and got my hair done. My hair is so thick it took them over 90 minutes just to put the foils in! LOL i will go back in about 3 weeks and they will do my roots and put some blonde streaks thru it...gawd how hot will that look! lol

Then last nite i went out to dinner with the girls...was such a good nite...lovely food and lovely company...cant ask for more then that!

So lemme ask for get invited out somewhere...and say yes...with a bunch of ur friends...(its to a reunion) then another bunch of friends (my lesbian friends) invite me out to a quiz nite which is being put on by the lesbian community (ie lots of lesbians will be there lol) now you really wanna go to the quiz nite...but u already said yes to the you bail out of the reunion? Or do you stick to what you initially committed too?


Katali said...

Go to both! Hit the reunion early and the quiz night later! :)

Chris H said...

Sheesh, Katali beat me to it... yep, go to both!
You look bloody neat with the new 'do' too!

Pinky said...

Thanks for the reply Kazz - helps me a lot - I am gonna spread the points over the day - with snacks and see how it goes
I agree do both!
ANd the colour phots of your heair look awesome

LellyJ said...

Kazz you look great!! Congrats on your new look and new clothes! I agree with Katali and Chris--I would try to go to both. Adelaide is not that big to get around from one part of town to another, is it?