Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Hair Do

Its not a great pic...but i LOVE my new hair has a redish kinda tint to it...and a lot lighter before...if I dont find my camera tomorrow...i mite get ryan to take a photo on his camera at work! Will write more tomorrow...big day today...and i am one sleepy princes :)


Hippygal said...

Very cool :-)

JustJo said...

Forget the hairdo - check out those cheekbones!!!! Bloody 'ell! Hehehehe..... love the hair too by the way ;)

Katali said...

Kazz you look GREAT. It's a gorgeous cut!!

Pinky said...

Great cut Kazz - can I also ask a question re the Wendie plan.
My high day is tomorrow or I can make it Tuesday - and can have the extra 10 points - would you recommend spreading the 10 points out over the day or have it in one whole "bad thing" like Mcdonalds burger or Mrs Higgins cookie???

GaeChann said...

Very nice Kazz!

A new hair-do is usually such a boost to our confidence!

You look great!

Gae oxoxo