Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am so impressed at how back on track i have been this week. I had been cutting out the diet coke...and interesting thing is...i had a can one can monday can tuesday and none wednesday...i have slept so good this bed early getting a solid 8-9 hours sleep...and really deep sleep too...then today ive had a headache (3rd day running) so i had a can of diet coke...come 9.30pm im all hyper doing housework and chit...coincidence...after having that diet coke so late? Not really sure...but its certainly interesting.

Today was a high calorie day...had enough calories for a hamburger and 100 grams of hot chips (and yes sirree i do weigh them out and the remainder i throw out)..the scales have actually dropped 800 grams since monday...!!! So im very impressed...funny when i did the 4 days at a solid 1800 calories the scales barely moved...go back to calorie cycling and ta-da things SEEM to be moving...but will know more when i weigh in with eve!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to this weekend! Tomorrow nite going into town shoppingggggggg ... city chic has great sales on at the moment (love love loveeeeeeeee their clothes) also gonna go buy some new bed linen. Saturday gonna clean and go down to the fruit n veg store to do some shopping...saturday arvo i have a hair appointment....saturday nite going out with a bunch of my lesbian friends...sunday...sleeping in and going out for lunch with tania. A good weekend all round coming up!

Last nite i ordered a new phone...a nokia E63 my current phone can text and call and thats it...i never hear the tone when it lets me know a text message is there...have missed a few of fionas messages this week and also has a VERY limited space for storage of text messages so yay hopefully next week i will get that. I also bought some books last nite...the 2 that were recommended to me, the PCOS diet book, and also one called "Fat Chance" which is about a girls WLS journey..not that im thinking about WLS but i think its always interesting to read other peoples journeys.

Have a fab friday all!


Jess said...

I have the e63 and love it! I've never had a phone with a qwerty keyboard before, but it's soooo much easier to navigate and text with!

Hippygal said...

Could not get the "Inner Health Outer Beauty" book so ordered it online :-). And good to hear you are back on track.

JustJo said...

YAY to being on track - go you! And I LOVE my E63 - it is a great phone :)

Katy said...

I really should give up soft-drink. So glad to read of your motivation and success this week!! I am in need of a bit of extra 'spark' and you've given it to me!

Tania said...

I'm trying to focus on getting some more sleep too, i'm so hoping it will get my PND back under control! How did you get on at the sales? Hope you're having a great night out.