Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I never have much time to do a decent length post when i update at since tonite i am at home i thought id do a more decent post.

I am waiting for my NEW book to arrive..."believe it, be it" which is by Ali from the biggest loser (for the aussie and kiwis she is the first female US biggest loser winner) so fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow!

Tomorrow is bonus day! YAY! an extra $2500 in my pay packet...which will pay the orthotics...some new clothes and bed heart rate phone and with luck a new bed and clothes dryer. PHEW. All things i desperately need. I am also gonna pop into city chic either friday nite or saturday morning they are having a big i also need to buy a strapless bra.

There is a definite calmness over me at the moment. I have settled very nicely back into my eating, ive cut back on the diet coke to a maximum of one per day. Overnight the scales dropped by 600 grams. Which was a great sign. So I am also back to my calorie cycling. The other good thing is the gym. I am loving knowing by combining my PT sessions with classes and a lil bit of cardio equipment i seem to be hitting my calorie burnt target. The last 2 days i burnt 1670 calories. The aim is to get over 3000 this week is looking good. I have to say im really looking forward to doing body combat again. Presuming PT stays at 6.30pm tomorrow nite i will do body combat before it will be basically 90 minutes of boxing! LMFAO no wonder im sleeping like a baby the last few days. Saturday i am also planning to do body pump and then body turning into one of "them" them being those girls who can do the classes and handle did that sneak up on me and happen? But its all very exciting and a fab realisation i am getting closer and closer to "normal". Going to the gym so much having tonite as home seems like such a treat! lol...its just after 6pm...ive come home...cleaned the kitchen and a load of washing on...and am all prepared for a evening of relaxing on FB and in front of the tv.

And with that .... enjoy all!

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JustJo said...

Good luck with the strapless bra hunt!! They are the worst bloody things in the world to get right - and if gravity has already taken over (like it has with me) then there ain't no way anything without straps is gonna hold anything up! hahahahaha.....