Tuesday, June 22, 2010

good day yesterday!!!

I got my new phone...im still tryng to figure the darn thing out! lol but slowly getting ther with it lol. I also got my new heart rate monitor...and all I can say is AWESOME...its really great...the goals it has set me is to burn 2950 calories over 5 hours and 35 minutes...it also breaks it all up into the 3 different heart rate zones. And all the info loads up to the polar website...its great...love it!!!

I also got michelle bridges cookbook...it has some really good recipes in it.Mite have to try some friday nite :)

Last nite i did about 15 minutes on the treadmill/cross trainer and then did a PT session of core...at the end fiona was like are you going to do body jam tonite...i was like no i dont like going in late...she was like were not late you could go in...i shoulda said yes cos its not a busy class anyway...so next monday if i dont do body combat ill do body jam. I really need to do more of the classes especially with my foot doing the repition of the cross trainer or treadmill just doesnt work for me...its just too sore and i end up getting frustrated with it all. The next step is going to be to get into these RPM classes. id really like to go to one that sarah takes first cos she knows im pathetically scared of them LOL but its a case of working a time i can be there when sarah is running a class. But the big goal this work is going to be to meet those goals!

Weigh in tonite...im expecting a small gain...maybe 500 grams...but will post tomorrow regardless (TOM is coming)

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Hippygal said...

OMG RPM scares the living shits out of me....... and those polar watches look awesome.... maybe when I have completed the 12 week challenge, my excuse is that my one has a big crack down the glass so need a replacement lol...