Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yesterday I started to kick the diet soft drink again. And after stalling for a few days that gave me a 900 gram loss scales this morning were 118.1 kilos...the lowest ever :) I am on day two of no diet coke...everyone says day three is the worse...and i off for the next 3 days so if i do get a headache shouldnt cause me a issue.

Went to the physio last nite...i told her i "think" my foot is improving...she said the swelling seems to have gone down a lil and she said it was ok for me to start running again in boxing to start to test it :) also my physio is either going to come to the gym for one of my PT sessions or me and fiona are going to go out to her office to do a session where my physio will go thru exercises to help me and then fiona can incorporate them in my program (the bonus of my trainer and physio knowing each other)

I havent been to the gym for quite a few damn hard in winter!!! But will be there tonite...and determined to do 45 minutes on bike even if i just go at a speed of 1 while my butt adjusts to it ! lol So tonite is the official first trial of the new heart rate monitor.

I also got a few more books over the last few days "Nourishing Traditions" which looks awesome...and PCOS diet book...think they will both be invaluable. I also bought some skirts on ebay which arrived yesterday...they are size 16 so wont fit me yet...but one day!!! One is a lil susans skirt and the other is a colorado skirt...the susans one was initially $79.95!!! And still had its tags on it lol

Not too much going on....hanging out for 5pm tontie when I get my THREE day weekend!! weeee!!


Carlton said...

All the best with the gym and your new HRM...

I've used mine (your old one) the past few days on my walks (I walk 55 mins twice a day) and tonight it will get a work out at Zumba...

The scales were down for me too this morning so I'm hoping for a good result at WI on Saturday morning..

Mad Woman said...

Well done with the diet soft drink. I've been having trouble kicking it. I get about a week in and then I cave and have a glass. Then I have to start all over again.

Good job with all the weight loss!