Friday, June 25, 2010

So i went to the gym last nite. Did about 10 minutes on the tread at a level of 4 and 4.5 now i know they are not fast levels...but with my foot they the end of the 10 minutes i could feel i then went over to the bike and did about 17 minutes on it. Then fiona came and got me and it was boxing and i told her i was able to try and do some shuttle runs in boxing. We did maybe 5. She then stretched me and i left the the time id got out the gym and up the street my shoe was too tight :( my foot was getting puffy again and swelling. I initially thought it was the running...but the more i think of it i think it might have been the treadmill. Anyway the boxing was a good stat were (how cool that i can just copy and paste this now!)

Duration 01:05:54
Calories 427 kcal

Average HR 119 bpm
Maximum HR 155 bpm

Not a bad effort (far from my greatest tho)

Then today i went in again my foot was still sore...i turn up and fiona comes over...and im like its still she has told me now regardless what i do at the to ice it straight after each session (they have ice at the gym) so anyway then...because nothing in my life is drama free...i go put my stuff in my my locker key to my shirt...and go down the 7 flights of stairs *rolls eyes* i get down to the bottom...and then walk up them...i get to the top...and realise my freaking locker key has fallen off somewhere! lol So i traipse back down all 7 flights again *with a lot of sighing and grumbling* and cannot find the i walk up another 3 flights....still no darn i think stuff it im catching the lift back up...i get in it...then these girls get in it and one is holding MY key!!!! hahhaha i ripped that thing out of her hand quick smart lol nah they were lovely girls...and i breathed a sigh of relief! I then did like 11 minutes on the bike...10 minutes on the cross trainer and 5 minutes on the treadmill...cos of all that traipsing up stairs was a 45 minute work out LOL

Date 25.06.2010 11:13

Duration 00:44:21
Calories 443 kcal

Average HR 135 bpm
Maximum HR 164 bpm
Time in Heart Rate Zones

Bloody hell see how much those stairs helped out? lol I then iced my foot after the workout as promised to fiona lol

I cant even express how much "exercise" is frustrating me at the moment. Its bad enough going to the gym in winter when id prefer to be at home and warm...but the fact that i really dont like the bike or xtrainer is doing me no favours. I think whenever i am there anytime there is a body jam class, body balance, body combat or body pump i need to get my butt in to do them. Does anyone do body attack? Cardio wise is there a huge difference between that and body combat? (I am guessing there is which is why i have avoided it like the plague)

Not much else going the foot a good rest...enjoy all!


Hippygal said...

I am going to be brave and give Body Attack a go on Wednesday night, did body pump today was awesome cause no impact on the foot.... all upper body stuff mainly with weights.

kazz said...

I love body pump too jaxx and yep im the same doesnt impact my foot at all...i found body combat is fine on my foot too...and a big calorie burn!