Saturday, June 26, 2010

So I am doing really well on the no diet coke. But i have noticed two things. One - i can fall asleep at the drop of a hat! lol I have always been a good sleeper...but thursday nite i fell asleep with the tv on (which i never do), ended up having a nap yesterday (which i rarely do unless sick) and last nite i was out the minute my head hit the pillow ... very bizarre but in a good i dont drink tea or coffee i am guessing my body likes the fact of no caffeine! The other thing is my appetite seems to have got lost somewhere lol. I am plain forgetting to damn well eat. Yesterday i was suppose to eat 1500 calories...i only reached 1258 calories....and i only managed that by having a can of lemonade (150 calories). I thought to myself after dinner i will have some icecream to reach 1500 calories...but i bloody well completely forget...wonder who the hell has taken over my body? Today i got so busy (shopping and spending money!) that i didnt have lunch till 2pm!!

At the gym...i did the resistance program. Fiona was like..."you shouldnt be doing weights this high" lol and then when i did the chest press (37.5 kilos) she was like i know you dont believe me but u are really strong now in the chest. I also told her about the stairs and losing my key and she was like think about 6 months or a year ago you wouldnt have even been doing that exercise...and you certainly wouldnt have walked back down the stairs to find that key lol

So i did resistance workout....a few minutes on the xtrainer...12 minutes on the bike at level 3 (gonna increase this 1 minute per day) and then about 10-15 minutes doing a cool down on the treadmill. As fiona said to me today...the treadmill now can only really be used for a warm up or cool down :( So my stats from the gym today was:

Duration 01:47:44
Calories 768 kcal

Average HR 122 bpm
Maximum HR 162 bpm

Then i went shopping! Weee! Actually i went to get my eyebrows etc done..and i will tell u all i have a issue with facial hair (due to PCOS) the girl i saw today reckons i should get laser i have some brochures on it to read...has anyone had it done? Any success?

Anyway i had stopped in at katies bargain section and i bought 5 summer tops and 2 pairs of 3/4 jeans for $48.70!!! Then i went to target...bought some tops and a really cute blue zip up jacket which i may wear out tonite and from their normal size section active wear section i bought 2 tops YAY for new workout gear...a few more kilos lost and they should fit me nicely and a couple of new bras so yay for me :)

I left target and decided not to be a lazy ass and walked a 29 minute walk..mostly on flat surface so my foot seemed to handle it fine so my stats from that were:

Duration 00:29:00
Calories 151 kcal

Average HR 114 bpm
Maximum HR 129 bpm

Just a nice easy walk.

Tonite i am off for asian! I have worked out a cup of fried rice, a cup of lemon chicken and 3 steamed dim sims is 1200 thats what i will be having (YAY for high calorie days!) then im off to the lesbian quiz nite...should be fun...look at me getting out and about meeting girls LOL...(admittedly i am going with friends lol) Should be fun...mite take a pic before i go out tonite too...enjoy your saturday all!

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Effie said...

37.5kg on the chest press!!!! WOW you are a machine, that is massive. Well done Kazz or should I call you Supergirl!!!