Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I have just finished reading "the kind diet" its a book about going vegan/vegeterian. Was a real easy read and has some interesting recipes...but more then the vegetarian talk that kept me interested with the book...was a lot of the talk on organic foods. I have already started to eat more organic...fiona gave me the name of a organic next week i mite venture out there to get some meat and try it out. I think for me it mite be a good way to go.

Was SO seriously planning to do RPM tomorrow nite...but fiona just messaged me to say she has put me into a 6PM PT session...well gawd damn means no RPM *giggles* As much as I laugh this is where it gets hard to fit in alternatives to the cardio equipment into my program. I will as of tomorrow go back to the stairs...and presuming it doesnt get veto'd at the physio i will do 10 minutes on the cross trainer and 20 minutes on the treadmill ( i will compromise a lil lol)

So as i said physio tonite...fiona talked to me a heap on monday nite about telling my physio i dont feel my foots improving so should be a interesting consultation tonite! lol

Not much else going on...hump day...on the downward slide to the weekend now YAY


Chris H said...

I know a girl who was totally vegetarian for about 25 years... and now has dreadful health problems ALL DUE to her diet. I'm happy to be a meat eater if it means I am healthy later on in life.
Just saying..... each to their own of course...

kazz said...

oh im not gonna go vegetarian...but the book has peaked my interest even more on organic foods...all these books are good to read...imformation is power =]