Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Last nite i really got in a mood at the gym...and i have come to the conclusion that using the damn xtrainer 4-5 nites a week mite burn some calories but more then anything its making me negative about the gym. So i have decided to change things a lil. Ive set a lil schedule which altho may change when PT times change should work with my work hours most weeks...

m - body combat + PT core work
t - body pump
w - physio
t - RPM + PT boxing
s - PT resistance training + body balance

Fiona has said if im not getting my cardio in we can do more boxing sessions...but i really would hate to not do core and i definitely wouldnt give up resistance sessions

Was on the bosu ball last nite and i rolled over my bad foot! UGH straight away fiona was like get back up on the horse...she seemed to think it was a good thing! Cos it proved my reflexes have improved enough that I recovered easily...lol...think I rolled my eyes at her and said "whatever" lol

Anyway i dont wanna lose my mojo as fiona put it...i know part of its just getting frustrated with how long this is taking...but also its the time of year...its dark early....going home to a warm house or to the gym i know which option my mind wants...just ultimately its not the best for me! lol

I am thinking about continuing with my nutritionist sessions...ive been doing my own plan..but having weekly weigh ins with accurate measurements and body fat measurements....its a thought for accountability. I still have a few sessions i have paid for left...so will continue to think about it.

Okies enuff for now...enjoy all!

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