Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well last night was fun. I met up with the girls...we went out for asian for dinner...i had a serve of lemon chicken, 1 cup fried rice and 2 dim sims (1200 calories) then we went to the quiz was a byo drinks and i bought water! lol Everyone else had chips and dip etc in front of them. One of my friends had those lil share packets so i had 2 of these (42 calories each) and we won a huge chocolate and nougat bar (like toberlone) so i also had a piece of i was a lil over in my calories but not by much. But it was a fun night...then as we go to of the girls says do u want a lift home (even tho she lives the other side of the city) anyway when we get to my place she you need a escort in? lol....i said no...shes very nice...but unless someone comes along who just knocks me off my feet im not really looking for a relationship...just a lil bit of a social life would be nice at this point.

This morning i woke up with a headache and sore guess its related to how darn cold its been and the weening me of the caffiene. So far so good. I have quite a few calories left over today (like 450) so im gonna shortly go pick up a can of lemonade .... which is 150 calories...and ill also have some icecream after dinner...presuming i remember to eat it! Like who would have ever thought it???? But i have since read that caffeine is a appetite stimulant.

So today i have been very lazy...just playing backgammon and doing some washing. In a minute after i go get the lemonade i am going back to bed! LOL its too freaking gonna do some more reading of "the end of overeating" then later will play on the computer before a early nite to knock this sore throat on the head...i will be severely pissed if its sore in the morniing.

Oh and i decided to keep using my weigh in on my scales as my "official" weigh 117.8 kilos yesterday morning. Quite unbelievable...less then 18 kilos and i will be under 100 kilos! I remember when i use to think that was my ultimate goal. Now i am thinking under 100 by xmas and under 85 by next holy crap! LOL

oh and deb - millers and best n less have some decent stuff pretty cheap...

And airlie...yes i hope we do get to catch up another time! And i know about your clothes i have been thru most now lol...i actually passed a couple on to Martine last weekend :) pay it forward and all that :)


Deb said...

Glad it was a good night out. You may not want a relationship with her, but it must feel good that she was interested!
Thanks for clothing info.

To Band or not To Band? said...

If you know of anyone else who wants 22/24 clothes passed down - let me know! If you can pass forward for me, that would be great!

My next fill is in August some time.