Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well ive been sick the last few days...bloody head cold PLUS TOM so was cramping like a crazy wench!! lol Im back at work today sounding very nasally with a blocked nose but apart from that I feel okay. I have reevaluated my calories going by jillians method and have dropped back to 1500 calories...did 1400 calories yesterday and dropped 700 grams overnight :) I am starting to see that 55 kilos lost in the not too far horizon which is getting very exciting. I also realised last nite less then 18 kilos and i will be into double digits!!! Not bad for the girl who the docs said i can only ever expect to get to 100 kilos...yeh we will see about that buddy!!!

Tomorrow i am off so only back to work for one day...tomorrow i have PT for a hour...think it will be a non cardio workout lol...and then straight from there i have to scoot off to the podiatrist. Apart from that i wont go back to the gym till monday as i dont wanna be out in the cold in the evening. But by monday i should be fine. Amazing to think back...4 years ago if i had got this cold it woulda prolly turned into its a few days in bed and i am back and ready to get back into life :)

I have also gone SEVEN days with no diet soft drink...and as i dont drink tea or coffee that also means no caffiene. Funnily my appetite has really died off...which is a nice side effect and i am also sleeping much better so bonus's all round.

Not much else going on...hope everyone has a good day!

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