Saturday, March 05, 2016

Saturday March 5

So 2 days till the 12 week challenge starts. My scales have gone up 1.6 kilos over the last 2 days. Initially i thought it was sodium from thursdays burger....but pretty sure now its my cycle and it will prolly arrive in the next 24 hours or so. Here is the bummer....In late January i had a body scan done and i was 122.4 kilos....then there was a week in there where i ate awful and the weight got up to 128.5 kilos. Thursday morning i was 122.2 kilos....i was wrapped. I have been very focused over the last 3 weeks on getting under 122.4 kilos by monday....this morning it was 123.8 kilos. I know its most likely fluid retention from my cycle...but man i was bummed about that. Not that it really matters....i mean monday is the start for the next 12 weeks and whilst i know how high the scale went i would like to think the last 6 weeks hasnt been a complete waste if that makes sense?

Anyway nothing i can do...if my cycle comes before ummm lunchtime tomorrow i may have some fluid loss by monday. Anyway monday isnt what counts.....its what i do over the next 12 weeks that matters....and i am so ready. Whilst this challenge you accrue points for doing stuff at the gym (with my location of work and the gym i would never even come close to winning that so not gonna try lol) my main focus will be i am planning to do a lot of walking outside of the gym. Walking, weights and the occassional cardio class (think boxing and rpm) will be my focus. My goals will be:
 -To get under 110 kilos
 -I have a pink susan jumper that is too tight for me on the like to get back into that
 -exercise wise...not a specific goal...i just want to feel fitter....for not everything seem like such hard work.

In relation to my food, Ive seen the menus (which are based on 1200 calories). The meals and snacks actually look great. Obviously at this stage....1200 calories is too little for me. So i am adding a protein shake with almond milk to each days which will add close to 200 calories. I will also increase my protein in main meals slightly and use full fat dairy. By doing that....that should put me in the 1600-1800 calorie range. I want to fuel my body properly but not eat for the sake of i will see how i go....if i feel i need to eat right up to 1800 calories i will.

Not much else to say...going out for lunch tomorrow and think (for a change) im gonna get a chicken, potato and seasonal vegie dish (omg what is happening to me?) The funny thing is....the better i am eating....the more im wanting healthy lunch today i was tempted to go very bro and make chicken and rice....just didnt cos i am a lazy ass when it comes to making rice LOL. I will be back on monday with all my starting weights! Enjoy your weekend all :)


Tranquility road said...

Time to invest in a rice cooker 😉

jen said...

My weight varies from day to day too…a lot caused by what I eat.
I now only weigh once a week otherwise it tends to do my head in.