Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Fernwood 12 Week Challenge | Update

So..........after last weeks post....as I suspected the scales going up was related to my cycle. I know there is always discussion about the fact I weigh daily...but have done that since 2006...and I find it very helpful .... Im very aware of the changes on the scales (thus correctly suspecting the gain was from my cycle) so its all good :)

Yesterday on my scales at home i was 123.1 kilos....which was a gain for the week of 300 grams(pretty impressive the week of my cycle)...it also put my total loss since i got back on track this time to 5.4 kilos :)

And yesterday was the start of fernwoods 12 week challenge. So yesterday morning i had my photo taken (in a crop top no less!) I then had a body scan which put my weight at 123.9 kilos and a body fat percent of 52.2%. Whilst my weight was basically the same as 6 weeks ago....i did add 200 grams of muscle...some of my body parts lost 1-2 centimetres and some parts gained. And thats fine...I knew I had gained abit and to get back to where I was approximately 6 weeks ago I was happy with.

So how is the challenge going so far? SO GOOD. Most of the meals I have liked. I have changed the meal plan slightly to using full fat dairy...adding a protein shake made with milk each day and sometimes adding a extra 30 grams or so of cheese. Yesterday my calories were 1660 and today 1679 calories and as my BMR is 1650 currently that is kinda the bare minimum (I am suppose to be aiming for 1800)

Exercise wise...yesterday I did 20 minutes of uphill climbin on the treadmill, then in my PT session we did chest and triceps...i then came home had my protein shake and then headed out for a 4km walk :) This morning soon as i woke i got up showered and went out for a 6km walk. Then tonight I have a PT session of legs....I was tempted to do RPM before hand but think that will be too much for my legs to handle! LOL

Tomorrow the plan is....PT session of back & biceps in the morning. Then in the afternoon i will go in and do a 30 minute boxing class and then do a group food coaching session, and then I think I might finish up the day with yoga...I will prolly suck at it but especially for the mental benefits of stilling my mind I want to give it a try.

So as you can see the first few days i am definitely on top of things....and I dont think I am doing too much...I feel what I am doing is sustainable. This morning my scales did show 122.2 kilos....so I was back where I was before the gain from my cycle. My aim is to get under 110 kilos by the end of the challenge....so 94 days to lose 12.3 kilos more LOL....its doable...Im hoping this first week I will get close to being under 120 kilos which will set me up for the rest of the challenge (and for ultimately getting to goal) cos thats what this challenge is all about....not just about getting to under 110 kilos...but finding some meals to incorporate into my eating, to get back to eating clean and get back into a good gym routine. The eating is VERY clean and just feels doable. Right time to go get my afternoon snack ready....was suppose to be asparagus, brocolli and feta but i aint doing no asparagus and brocolli ;) so for me....off to get some baby spinach and feta....enjoy all :)

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