Thursday, March 10, 2016

12 week challenge | Day 4 | Progress

Sooooooooooo its day 4 and things are going so good :) Yesterday i was exhausted and struggled thru PT but much better today. Tonight I have a double PT session of boxing and core. The scales are moving down nicely. When I got back on track about 4 weeks ago....I was 128.5 kilos on my scales. Monday morning i was 123.1 and this morning 120.8 OMG getting so close to getting under 120 kilos :)

And no the scales havent dropped cos i am eating super low calories :) My calories have been around the 1600-1700 mark....cos i was a lil flat yesterday i made a point to eat 1800 tho, but ultimately I feel 1600-1700 is a good amount. The reason i believe the scales are moving so much is two ive been a lot more active this week and two the food i am eating is so clean and a definite increase in the vegetables department. When i lost weight last time it was when i started eating clean the losses came too so i guess thats what works for me! lol

This morning i had to duck out to the shop. But it was raining so wanted more then a tank top and 3/4 leggings to wear lol. So ive been wearing size 22 city chic jeans....but they have been getting looser on i dug out the exact same style in size 20 i have....slid them on and they fitted perfect. Now about 4 weeks ago when i was like 128 kilos i bought a was a size 18 and i fully expected it to fit me so didnt try it didnt was too short and i didnt feel comfortable wearing it. So i thought...ill give it a try...and ta-da (see photo below) it fits great....not too short at fact both it and the jeans fit perfectly. I have SO many clothes in smaller seriously dont even get me going on the Lorna Jane collection! lol so its nice to slowly getting in the odd definitely felt like i had a small win this morning. And I definitely feel like im on the right path :)

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Tranquility road said...

This is so exciting
I know what you are doing this weekend ..... Clothes shopping


Trying on all the clothes tossing what is too big and bringing in the stuff that fits that you forgot you had
So exciting