Friday, March 11, 2016

12 week challenge | Day 5

Well nearly the end of the first week! I am super impressed with how I have done. I have stuck to the menu plan. I have exercised everyday and have one more session tomorrow before sunday off :) My exercise this week looked like this:

Monday : 20 minutes hills on treadmill plus 30 minute PT session (chest) and 50 minute outdoor walk
tuesday : 75 minute outdoor walk plus 30 minute PT session (legs)
wednesday : 30 minutes treadmill plus 30 minute PT session (back & bis)
thursday : 1 hour PT session - 40 minutes boxing and 20 minutes core work
friday : 60 minute Body pump class
saturday : 60 minute "welcome" workout
sunday : REST DAY

I am definitely sore....especially my bicep and upper back. My legs have felt tired during the week but im sure after a rest on sunday they will be ok. The thing i mostly struggled with was the time i get to the shoulder track my endurance just isnt there and im fatiguing....but hopefully with time that will improve. This week my aim is to in addition do 3 classes - 1 boxing class, 1 cycle/RPM class and 1 yoga class. The gym is also closed on im thinking my workouts for the week will work like this:

monday : 6km outdoor walk
tuesday : 30 minute PT session (chest) plus RPM
wednesday : 30 minute PT session (legs) plus yoga plus boxing ( I do have a 90 minute break between boxing....if i am too tired i will skip yoga)
thursday : 60 minute PT session (boxing and core) plus cycle
friday : 30 minute PT session (back and biceps)
saturday : 60 minute body pump class

which looks like a lot....but its a lil less walking this week but adding in those 3 will see how I go.

Its amazing how on track I feel. I think when I forget all about all others....took the weight off my shoulders and started ONLY doing this for me....and not worrying if i am being a "inspiration" to others....the minute it just felt like less work....and just about something i wanted just for me. In fact today i posted a before and current photo...someone who i dont even know whose on my fb (i presumed they were a reader of my journal but obviously not) posted on the pic asked what happened to gain some of the weight back. I responded initially with "cos life happens" instantly feeling the need to justify myself....but then thought no...ive never questioned this person on their life or how to live it and hell i dont even know i deleted them...simply cos i dont want to deal with negativity or judgement.

I think also when I stopped being mad at myself for gaining allowed me to stop wallowing on the past. Heres the thing....I see my journey like two books....this book now is the sequel....same characters....similar story line....but the journey to get to the end of the book will prolly be different (i mean why would someone write two identical books?) I may get their quicker then last time or slower....i might be running again at 100 kilos or maybe not till 85 kilos...its a different thing....its a different occassion but the two stories make on really thick novel ;)

I am sooooooooooo looking forward to weigh in on monday morning...I think it will be a good one. Currently im retaining some fluid (my rings currently wont come off) but hopefully that will be gone by monday I think its related to the heat (and yes i am drinking enough water)

Oh and I also decided....if i complete the 12 week challenge (and I WILL) I will be treating myself to a gold necklace with a pendant or charm on it. My shoulders, collarbone area was a part of me that really looked fab....hopefully by then they will be looking better then now and ill get to dress them up with something pretty.


jen said...

you are going so good, well done you….love your positivity

#fatfreefloozy said...

Do you know what Kazz - I think that person asked the question because you maybe ARE an inspiration to people who see you. Maybe they were thinking in terms of their own weight loss and thought that there must have been a reason for the weight loss because you are so committed and successful at it. Maybe they were just asking you to answer some of their own questions through someone else's eyes. Just another way to look at it? Regardless - this is a lifelong journey and we will be fighting our food addictions forever. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is hard, but when you get it right - it feels so good! Good luck on your Monday weigh-in!