Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 2 Day 1 | Weigh in | Weight Watchers

So today we are a week into the 12 week challenge...and ta-da weighed in and was 2.8 kilos down. So the statistics on it is...2.8 kilos lost since start of the 12WC, 8.4 kilos lost since I got back on track on feb 4, and a total weight loss altogether of 52.8 kilos. So on my scales at home this morning I was 120.3 kilo and the goal by the end of the challenge (11 weeks to go) is to get under 110 kilos.

So I am pretty happy with the result. Since i had been on track for a few weeks before the challenge started and had been losing I really hadnt expected such a high loss in the first week. :) This week looking at the menu looks like its basically carb cycling...Ive never specifically done that so will be interesting to see how I go. On the "low carb" days...they arent low so much (about 80-100 grams of carbs) but no grains, BUT tomorrow its pasta for one of the meals! YUM! Tonights dinner will be interesting...its zucchini and pea soup....and anyone who knows about me and peas (they pop in ur mouth yanno) if i manage to get some peas in me will be a minor miracle LOL....i think cos they will be blended i hopefully will cope fine.

Today as it is a public holiday the gym isnt open, tomorrow tho I will be doing RPM (gawd help me!) before my PT session.

So.............. the topic of weight watchers LOL Im going to firstly say I really dont want to see any negative comments about weight program is perfect and I have friends doing really well on weight watchers so for some people it works. As everyone knows i went back to weight watchers a few weeks was good for me. What weight watchers has got going for it is the accountability of weighing in and the group support, but for me doesnt work. I want to have healthy fats in my diet, and I have a lot of nutritional knowledge and some things about it I cannot quite balance out in my head. And also the weekly points...i HATE them...its what i dislike most in their program. But that is me, if you are doing ww and its working - more power to you but for me the program doesnt. That said if i feel i need the accountability/support i will go back....but right now I dont feel I need it. I feel the best I have mentally about my weight loss for a long time. I dont have any doubts I will meet my goal for this 12 week challenge and its possible I may even exceed it (altho i think the most i can get down to is 105 kilos...but my gawd...imagine if in 11 weeks i was that close to double digits????)

A reminder if you do use instagram.... that is actually where i am active mostly these days... OH and i have a lil phone tripod on order...hopefully be waitin for me when i get back to work next week. It will be great for taking progress pics (especially of my rear view) and it will also allow me to do vlogs without worrying about where to put the phone etc. i go...have a good week all :)

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Tranquility road said...

Fantastic loss my friend .. You say your the best mentality you have felt for ages ... Well it shows with that loss... Good job