Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Weigh in results | The gym

So weighed in this morning and was down to 121.9 a 1 kilo loss yay :) This takes my total loss to 51.2 kilos. I must admit while i am happy with that i am feeling kinda flat today about the whole weight loss thing. I think its just a mental thing....i stuck to this for a week why dont i feel better? LOL the whole instant gratious deal.

I noticed from the contents i got some new followers....I just wanted to say...the progress photos are from 2006-2012 where i lost 94 kilos...i then gained back 47 kilos...and back trying to lose again. I would like to lose another 50 quite the ask :) I should prolly update the progress photos to give a "now"

I have been starving today and the cafe at work had a creamy pasta dish on offer...i so have resisted. Instead i stuck to a chicken, cheese and mayo sandwich. Its a higher calorie day today so i also had one of the packs of "tasty on the go" cheese and crackers. So i am content now.

The big think i am STILL lacking is the gym such a lazy ass...i havent been at all this week....and havent planned for it tonight and would be too late to go home and then go in. Tomorrow night tho i have a double PT session...time to get on top of that and start to be a bit committed to exercise. I really dont want to be that person who loses their weight from diet alone...i need the exercise.

The gym will prolly be announcing the foxy challenge soon (a 12 week challenge) and i will prolly do that which might help me getting into a routine with the gym (its the classes still...i feel im too "fat" and dont belong)

Okay...back to work enjoy all!


jen said...

well done on the kilo off..

#fatfreefloozy said...

Woohoo! Go chicken go! Love 12 week challenges to get my butt moving! Wish there was a foxy challenge here.