Monday, January 25, 2016

Clean out | Exercise

So the scales greeted me with 121.9 kilos this morning :) I have eaten a bit too much carbs today so i am guessing there may be a fluctuation tomorrow!

Today i had the day off and stayed home and was productive. I cleaned out kitchen cupboards....cleaned the kitchen....went thru my wardrobe. All the small clothes just take up too much room in my wardrobe and its depressing i removed everything size 14 or smaller or a size medium or smaller. I actually found a few clothes that fit me now that i had forgotten i bought LOL. As I lose the weight this time and things get small i will be chucking them. Ill keep my largest size jeans and one top but thats it...once too big out it goes.

While my eating is going pretty good...the exercise is still lacking. I think a hour of exercise 6 days a week is where i need to be. I want my focus to be on classes and walking. So when there is no class i want to do...i think a 6km walk will be the answer. At my current weight i think walking is a good option.....and it really helped me last time in building up the amount of time i can exercise. So forgotten was a holiday as i am soon as i get home tomorrow night will head out for a 6km on that exercise for the rest of this week will be:

tuesday : 6km walk
wednesday : yoga
thursday : double PT
friday : 6km walk (in the morning)
saturday : rest
sunday : 6km walk

When i work 9-5pm the only classes i can make at the gym are 6.30pm some days im gonna have to suck it up and stick to a walk around my home area.

Not too much else to say....hope everyone has a good australia day...i of course will be working it! Enjoy all :)


jen said...

Found your blog as I was browsing tonight…after a Aussie Day working.
I am beginning my weight loss journey yet again so its great to find another blog to follow.

Anonymous said...

I had a look at your progress photos. Wow! What an awesome job you've done. Congratulations on your accomplishment.