Sunday, January 24, 2016

Medication doing great things for my body :) | Goals

Yesterday i noticed i was feeling a lot calmer. It reminded me of when i have been on antidepressents except to a lesser degree. So i did some googling about it and PCOS and anxiety/depression and found people commenting they noticed a difference in their moods :)

The stomach pains i get from it have significantly reduced...i had one yesterday.

And the good news is the scales have continued to move in the right direction :) So this morning I was 122.1 kilos (for comparison sakes i was 122.9 kilos on wednesday) so far i am looking at close to a 1 kilo loss this aim would be to hit 121.9 kilos by wednesday (as of this morning tho...i have lost 3.1 kilos in the last 2.5 weeks :))

The medication is definitely lessening my appetite and i really have no interest in certain foods (especially creamy, fatty foods) today Tania and I went down to the beach for a walk and then to brunch. So by the time we ate it was midday....all id eaten so far that day was a quest bar. We ordered our standard meal....which is 2 slices of sour dough bread, 3 eggs scrambled, 2 pieces of bacon and a grilled tomato. I normally ALWAYS finish it off and the highlight of the meal  is usually the eggs. Well i ate about 1/3 of the eggs...2 slices of bacon and one slice of toast and I had had enough and to be completely honest the thought of another spoonful of eggs was enough to make me barf...even right a bit turned off by the thought of them. This is so unlike me. It makes me think....maybe this is "normal" and whatever crazy chit my hormones were doing before this medication was not normal...i mean i never thought the cravings were normal. Regardless im glad for the medication and the place i am at currently.

There is 48 weeks TODAY till xmas day. I want to aim for 95 kilos by then (a big ask but i CAN do it and have lost more then this in a year before) if i could lose a average of 600 grams a week i would reach not only 95 kilos but would put me between 93 to 94 kilos...which would be basically my aim for the year is to lose at least 30.3 kilos....currently as I far ive lost 3.1 kilos...10% done ;)

I absolutely refuse to get on a plane till i am 105 kilos or lighter and i need to be on a plane at the latest by december...possibly earlier....once i hit 105 i think i will do a flight....not sure where too....maybe somewhere crazy like fiji...or maybe melbourne...the place isnt the important part the getting on the plane and it not being a nitemare is!

Enjoy your day all :)

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