Saturday, January 23, 2016

All going good :)

So the good news is i seem to be maintaining that drop on the scales from yesterday morning :) Yesterday i was 122.2 kilos and this morning 122.3 kilos so more then happy with that :) If I could lose approx 600 grams a week for the rest of the year that would put me under 95 kilos by xmas which would be not expecting miracles...not being so restrictive i am tempted to give up...jus keeping going as i am and enjoying the journey :)

Today is saturday but i am working and my actual friday...another 90 minutes and 2 days off work ;) Tomorrow i am planning a sleep in....being lazy in the morning and then a big organisational and cleaning day of the house :)

Exercise for the next week is:

monday : pump and balance (45 minute class each)
tuesday : PT
wednesday : gonna get corageous and try yoga!
thursday : double PT
friday :
saturday :
sunday : 6km walk

Today is also high calorie day. So tonight i will be splashing out on a chicken kebab nom nom nom.

Not really a great loss else going on....i am super excited to sleep in tomorrow morning! Enjoy all :)

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