Friday, January 22, 2016

Lil update!

So the good news is the scales finally moved :) After fluctuating between 122.9 kilos and 123.3 kilos they did a sizeable drop to 122.2 kilos :) So doing the right thing and sticking to it paid off. I feel like ive finally caught up on my sleep as today is a good day! And altho its friday...its NOT my friday...tomorrow is friday for me...then sunday and monday ready for some time off, where I selfishly have the entire 2 days to myself i must admit being able to plan my day not worrying when the ex partner would want me to spend time with them is nice LOL (thats bad eh?)

This will be a short nothing else really to say! Life is nice at the moment...I feel good...not stressed...not overly emotional or overtired which can only be good for weight loss :)

Enjoy all :)

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