Friday, September 10, 2010

So i cant believe the city to bay is next weekend! For those not in Adelaide its a 12km walk...and yes I am planning to do the complete walk! I checked out the average time for a 42 year old female to walk it is just under 2 hours...bahahahahha @ the likelihood of that happening!!! I will be pretty impressed if i do it in under 2.5 hours...but expect it will prolly be around 2 hours 45 minutes. Of course i will not be going out there to go as fast as possible (lets remember 3 months ago i was avoiding walking altogether!) so completing it will be a huge accomplishment for me...altho next year i will train to run it :)

So with that said...i am planning my week for how i think will work from monday onwards no treadmill or running...ill try and mainly stick to the bike this week. So my feet are rested up nicely. Plus the bike classes really kick ass in the burning calorie dept for least amount of time. So tuesday, wednesday and thursday will do bike classes. Between classes/PT sessions i will jump on the bikes this week...lawdie a week with no treadmill...wonder how grumpy and frustrated this will make me???

This morning i went to the podiatrist and he was very happy with my feet. Told me i had a lot more movement in them...and did a few adjustments with my feet and orthotics. I then discussed the knee pain i have been getting...he explained i no longer "waddle" when i walk (waddle is my term he said it in a much nicer way!) and for years my body compensated for the excess weight and now as i am losing it my knees are having to readjust...he explained its a residual that may stay with me forever. He also looked at my form with squats and explained some stuff about my i will watch that (fiona didnt know id been doing squats and lunges in classes she was a lil horrified last week when she realised we had already done some work on my form with lunges....just hadnt got on to the squats).

Tomorrow is a busy busy day (i have had lots of theses on these holidays!) Tomorrow morning i have a double PT session (think half boxing and half cardio equipment *rolls eyes*) then a hour on the treadmill...and then a hour body balance class. Then in the afternoon going out shopping with my sister up to TTP ... its like years since i been there...hopefully i can manage to pop into big w cos i hear there fitness clothes are good value...and i dont actually have a big w near me i can normally go to.

Those damn scales arent budging lately...yes the body fat is going down so its all good...but im a lousy 1.6 kilos away from SIXTY moooooooooooooooove it you damn rude hehe ;)

Anyway with to relax in front of the tv before a early nite!


Tania said...

Well done Kazz - even planning to do it is something to be proud of, you might even surprise yourself with the time.

Finding Foxy said...

Kazz you are so motivated! It really inspires me to get going to the gym. Thank you!! I have enjoyed reading your journey; I pretty much read all of your blog in a few hours. I know you are destined for great things, I look forward to reading the rest of your journey xx.