Sunday, September 12, 2010

After much too-ing and fro-ing over the last few days i have decided to cut my calories by 100 calories per day...something needs to change im not sure if this is the right change but will trial it and see how it goes. The scales really arent moving the last few weeks...yes the body fat has gone down and tuesday will tell me if i have lost centimetres but the scales are anywhere between 112.2 and 114 kilos. Thats a big difference and fluctuations to me normally means something has to change. Discussed it with fiona yesterday...she actually suspects im not fueling my body enuff. But the reason i feel i need to decrease it is i am eating the same calories i was eating 10 kilos calorie burn has gone up (was 4485 this week) so its a case of the calories need to go up or down. My gut instinct says down. So i will do 1650 with calorie cycling. I also wanna do a real focus on getting variety into my day (something thats been lacking lately) Exercise is obviously not the issue...but i do want to keep my aim for calorie burn at 3600-4000 calories as a minimum (which i think is completely do-able)

So this morning the rotten scales said 114 im eating 1400 we will see what the rotten things say tomorrow. Hopefully this plan of attack will work i just want to get those scales consistently moving again (and they should bloody move for the amount of exercie i do!)

Gymmed it yesterday...1200 calories burnt. A hour of boxing...treadmill work and a body balance class..must admit the thighs are sore today! I then went shopping with my sister...went to big w...bought 3 racer style work out tops...size tshirt also size 16 and they all have cute logos on them like "fit strong fabulous" hehe :) Also bought a new sports bra so YAY

Today is a lazy day before back to work tomorrow...hope everyone has a fab sunday!

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