Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well i have now discoverred how videos go viral on you tube! LOL My video has been posted on jodys, jaimees, fionas and the gyms facebook profiles! LOL I have really had lots and lots of comments. At the gym last nite fiona was like "everyone loves the video"...i was like "yeh" shes like but u dont wanna talk about it cos thats too confrontational right? lol...i laughed and was like yeh...its fine online...but face to face is a different situation. She then said a couple of clients asked if she still trains me...and that they found it inspiring...she apparantly told them..."ill tell her but she will just roll her eyes at me and say...whatever" haha ;)

Last nite i did gym it...burnt 1411 calories *phew*!!! I did a 30 minute boxing class...a 45 minute body combat class and then a PT session of boxing (heh you think i was doing a lil bit of boxing last nite?

Tonite is weigh in...i am only expecting a small loss...but since altering my calories it has dropped on the scales (was 114 sunday morning...112.7 this morning), tonight i also get measured...so fingers crossed!

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