Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Well last nite I did the studio cycle class...must say i really liked it! The trainer is actually training for the tour down under so there was lots of standing up sprints...and also lots of speed cycling...i REALLY really am starting to like the cycle classes. And as i notice each time i do the cycle classes a couple of times per week...the centimetres of my legs was awesome this fortnight! So i only lost 100 grams...but i lost 3 cms of my boobs, 3 cms of my hips, 3cms of my thighs and 0.5 cm off my arms...brilliant...i lost cms in all the places im wanting to shrink! I think as my waist is now under 100cms (its 97 cms) i think it may not lose to much from their for a while. But it really shows you small losses on the scales can mean big losses in cms!!

Anyway we decided to cut my calories back by 100 calories per day. My scales went down by 500 grams overnight anyway we will trial it for 2 weeks...if i dont lose at that point then i will prolly increase the calories by 100 we will see what happens!

Not much else going on...took a nite off the gym...tomorrow nite doing some treadmill work...a RPM class...and then a pilattes class.

Also i got my tshirt for the city to bay. I ordered a size 18...they didnt order size 18s tho! So i got a size fits but is a firm fit...a friend got a XL one which doesnt fit i may wear that instead on saturday.

Have a good nite all!

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