Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I literally have had no time to post over the last few days or the few times i have had i have been too exhausted!!!

Lets see...saturday i gymmed it...did PT of weights...a hour on the treadmill/bike and then did a body balance class. Saturday arvo/evening i did nothing much...simply relaxed...watched more of when i met your mother. Sunday was the big day...the city to bay...a 12km walk! Now the furtherest i have ever walked is 8.72km...but i did it! The official time in the paper today was 2 hours 20 minutes and 10 seconds...my aim was under 2 horus 45 minutes...and i thought the ultimate would be under 2 hours 15 minutes...so to only be 5 minutes out from that i thought was pretty impressive :) Then after the walk i went out for lunch with my friend i did the walk with and his parents. Had Bruschetta and cannelloni...think the cannelloni tho was pretty high in sodium cos i gained the next day.

Anyway....last nite gymmed it again...did boxing then body combat and then a PT session of core work with fiona. Was funny when i walked out of boxing the trainer nikki was like...off to body combat now karyn? LOL Anyway i was so exhausted last nite i ate tea and then within 30 minutes i fell asleep while watching tv lol.

Tonite i think i will have a nite off from the gym...its been 3 pretty full on exercise days and im tired so think i will relax. Plus i had a blister on the sole of my foot from the walk which burst over night...so will rest so i can get back into it all tomorrow.

Weighed myself this morning...since last tuesday i had lost 700 grams by my scales...not a huge loss but im thinking the increase in calories was definitely needed...have a good day all!


Martine (email: mdally@internode.on.net) said...

Karyn, I am just tired reading about your exercise. Very well done on all counts, the increased calories seem to be working. Yay for more food and less weight

Finding Foxy said...

You definitely deserve a rest day! You have been kicking some major arse!