Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Im still quite frustrated with the scales. Overnight they went up by 200 grams...but im starting to reconsider somethings. One thing i need to take into account is TOM is due early next week so it may have something to do with things. As i said recently i joined the biggest loser club...and i love has a lot of really great of those being the nutritional breakdown. It gives you the breakdown for practically everything...and has recommended daily limits. Most of my limits are quite good except one. I have noticed my total fat falls about 1% below what they say as the maximum but the SATURATED fat...for the first time since i quit ww i see one of the benefits of ww (in that saturated fat is taken into account with their equation for working out points) Whilst the biggest loser club gives you a overview of the daily levels cos of how it works its a bit more fiddly trying to work out where the higher saturated fats are coming from. Altho the first thing i think of is my super high calorie day on saturdays!! So firstly im gonna stop calorie just gonna do a straight 2000 calories per day...that will avoid having a heap of calories where i end up going and having hot chips ;) Ultimately i mite get ww online again as well (can we say obsessive!!) i will always count calories but due to how ww works i think it kinda could be helpful in keeping a eye on the saturated fat) Also i feel with the calorie cycling on the low days is when i tend to fluctuate so i think sticking to 2000 calories per day may work better at the moment. I have to remember several things instead of beating myself up cos its not moving fast enough...1. i do have PCOS which does make weight loss harder...2. I have already loss over 58 kilos...its prolly gonna be natural my body is going to be stubborn about every kilo i lose...and also the centimetres are dropping...unfortunately the scales are what everyone judges weight loss success on (well mostly) Oh I was just damn freddo frogs!!! 6.6 grams of saturated fat each...also maybe i will have to watch my feta cheese :( i have avoided all low fat products for so long and its worked...but now being lighter maybe i need to really watch this.

Bottom line with the amount of exercise i am doing the weight SHOULD be dropping off me! So i will try these changes...if that doesnt work ill try and increase my protein a lil bit.

Anyway off to think a lil more about all this!


Martine (email: said...

You obviously have a lot to think about. I have no idea what the answer is, but could you be possibly going through some type of plateau, although I agree with the amount of exercise you do and the way you count your calories, the weight should be falling off. Martine x

Pinky said...

WOW you do have a lot to think about! - Good luck with the journey