Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well keeping a eye on the saturated fat is helping already! I didnt change my eating much yesterday...basically cut out the hot chocolates and feta cheese and had more good carbs (brown rice) and i managed to get my calories up while keeping my unsaturated fat under 20 grams. I have planned todays food and it is 16.7 saturated fat...i made frittata last nite for todays lunch...and just changed the feta cheese for cottage cheese and that seems to have worked. So on the scales this morning i had a drop by 400 was spot on 112 kilos this morning (YAY) The other thing i need to cut out :( is freddo have always fitted in my calories i would have 1 most days...but they are like 3.3grams of fat...and when you are trying to stick to 18 grams of fat i think its best i just go completely cold turkey from them! LOL

Tonite ive got gym....body pump class...45 minutes on the treadmill and PT session of boxing.

Have a good thursday all!

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