Saturday, September 04, 2010

When i posted the other day i knew i forgot something...and wouldnt u know a hour later i remembered what!! lol

I do boxing in my PT sessions...and enjoy it...anyway i went and did fionas boxing class the other day...OMG i was face was all pink...i didnt wear my heart rate monitor but knew it was a real good solid workout. Anyway on thursday nite i said to fiona maybe its time to amp the boxing up a lil? She is a lil cautious as she doesnt want to ramp it up so high i dont enjoy the sessions and quit...anyway after a lil bit of discussions we decided she will have me go a lil bit harder and see how i feel about it.

Today the scales were up by 900 grams for some ridiculous reason (this means i have NO idea why hehe) anyway into the gym i went this morning...did 15 minutes on the treadmill the ONE HOUR of weights. holy toledo! lol i seriously expected not to be able to walk by now...surprisingly my legs feel tired but fine so far....then i did about another 50 minutes on the treadmill and then did a 60 minute body balance class. That class with some of the moves are so hard yet i really like it!(altho if they took the yoga moves out i wouldnt complain! lol)

Afterwards i went to the sports is this...i walked in and their electronic chimer for shoplifters didnt go off..but did when i left! LOL they asked to look in my bag like you can but theres nothing in it....the smart ass chick said well it didnt go off when you walked in...well of course nothing in my bag...can we say "defective" pfffffffffffft anyway then i went and bought a lil pair of tan sandals...i also went to katies...bought a pair of size 20 black cords for $9.95 lol they fit but they are really low at the not sure if they are still too small or a weird freaking design! I also bought 2 skirts for $5.95 each....unfortunately the zipper on one is stuffed but oh well only $6 i lost...i also bought a lil white top for $9.95...was quite impressed with my haul. THEN when i went up to pay she goes have u got a card? So i pull out my autograph card...and she goes you wont get any points with this card (autograph is the plus size section) she was like you need a new katies card!! haha!! yay for me!!

Then went and got the eyebrows waxed and came home to watch some "how i met your mother". Think we are going out to fasta pasta for dinner tonite...i have it all planned...spaghetti bolognaise and bruschetta...which leaves me 250 calories left for the day which i mite save for tomorrow since we are going to the show.

Not much else going on...the good news tho...only working monday and tuesday next fingers crossed for the odd nice day on my 5 days off next week!

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