Sunday, September 05, 2010

Went to the show today! Last time i went my 10 year old nephew was in a stroller! LOL The weather stayed nice for most of the day...and foodwise i was super good...didnt snack on any of the food they sold there and for lunch i had a burger with cheese and rocket on a wholemeal roll...very scrummy. We walked around for 6 hours so i certainly have burnt some calories. Tonite we are having pizza...and i have left plenty of calories for that. Me and my sister went on a rollercoaster with my two nephews...was really good and something i DEFINITELY couldnt have done even 6 months ago.

Then when i got back to mums i pulled out "the" dress...its a dress i wore 17 years ago to a formal function...when i wore it i weighed about 92 im still 20 kilos heavier....its a size 18...tried it on and ta-da it fitted me! I ahve photos of me wearing it before....and i definitely looked much more toned in i was thoroughly impressed ... not that im about to wear it out of course! lol but still stunned it fits me..

Anyway just a quick post...have a fab nite all!

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