Monday, September 06, 2010

Firstly heres a pic of me in the formal dress i mentioned in the previous post...i dont look terrible in it but man my arms look bigger then i even realised!

Gymmed it tonite.....did a body combat class tonite followed by PT session of core work. Tomorrow nite i weigh in...i havent lost this week tho :( i am up about 400 idea why...the only thing i can think is my lack of exercise over the last few weeks while sick has caught up with matter...will weigh in tomorrow nite....and see how the next week goes....of course there is the thought in the back of my brain where it mite be time to start to cut my calories a lil...but will give it another week at least.

Tomorrow is my friday!!! I then have the next 5 days off...YAY ever since i was sick i am getting a headache by the end of each i think a bit of downtime will do me good...have a fab nite all!!

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Effie said...

Congrats on getting into "the dress". You must be feeling amazing. I love reading your blog you are a real inspiration.