Monday, September 27, 2010

I am noticing as i am going down in jean sizes the back of them sits lower! Its bizarre!!! I am use to jeans that sit right on my waist the jeans i have bought lately dont. Today i am in a size 20 3/4 jeans from katies (not autograph but katies!) and its not that my ass is showing LOL but they just feel low...and the thing is knicker currently wearing size 22....i have not seen any "bikini" style knickers in the bigger sizes (20-22) UGH its a dilema!! A strange but kinda good dilema...think its just about me realigning my thinking.

I had a NSV today...prolly had it ages ago but it hadnt clicked until today. Before when bigger if i had to pick up something from the floor...firstly i would dread the fact i had to pick something up of the floor lol and then i would bend over to pick it up without bending my knees...i would stand with my legs wider apart to ensure i didnt have to bend my knees...i think now i musta thought my knees would buckle under me today or something. Anyway today i was going thru the checkout at the grocery store the customer before me was a old guy in a wheelchair and he dropped his bag...and so without thinking i just bent down (yes knees were bent!) picked it up and handed it back to him. Just like a normal person...i didnt have to have some ledge or anything to help get back up...or struggle in fact it was quite a graceful moment...doing something most normal people do without thinking...but was a huge huge victory for me. Just one of many :)

Anyway not much else to say...have a good nite all!

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